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Advantages of 0700 Numbers

  • easy to remember
  • highly effective advertising
  • strong customer loyalty
  • constant accessibility
  • high flexibility
  • canceled at any time
  • only 14 Ct/min. for callers

Advantages of a good domain

  • easy to remember
  • highly effective advertising
  • strong customer loyalty
  • constant accessibility
  • high flexibility
  • canceled at any time

Advantages OMR CRM eApp

  • fast induction
  • easy to use
  • everywhere available via Internet
  • increase of contact rate
  • creating transparency
  • sustainable cost reduction
  • gaining time
  • ROI < 12 months
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Domain services

Securing competitive advantages
When it comes to company presence and information procurement, the internet is the medium mostly used. You want to be represented for your customers via the internet? The right domain (= name/address of a website) is often crucial for creating an individual and professional internet appearance and to achieve high advertising effectiveness.
A domain is your personal internet address, like for example, which is only assigned once worldwide.

By using common and impressing expressions you increase your degree of familiarity and strengthen your advertising effectiveness. Ideally you can use branch expressions for that.

If you have special requests we are happy to configure your personal, individual internet address according to your ideas.

Advantages of a personal and individual domain

  • a meaningful domain
  • high advertising effectiveness
  • easy to remember for your customers
  • no danger of confusion
  • a consistent and favorable company presence
  • available 24/7
  • (Umlaute (ä, ö, ü) and other) special characters are possible
  • different domain suffixes are possible (.com, .net, etc.)
  • website configuration according to your wishes
  • all time support by our employees
  • on request top-seeded in Google "page 1"
  • increasing advertising effectiveness by additionally using the respective 0700-numbers

Further advantages in using branch expressions:

  • competition vantages ensured through easily memorable branch expressions
  • delimitation from competitors

What is a domain?
A domain is a clear and unique address of a website and a "translation" of the IP-address so to speak. This spelled out address is easier to memorize than an IP-address which is a numerical order.
Domain endings like .com or .de are called top-level-domains (TLD). The TLD often is a country abbreviation, .de for example stands for Germany. But other goals a website wants to communicate are also possible, for instance .com for "commercial" and .biz for "business".

Top-level-domain (TLD)
You can register your domain using a wide variety of endings.
Should the domain name you chose already be taken as a TLD, the same name might still be free for a different one like .info or .com - give it a try.
You can choose between different kinds of TLDs like .de for Germany or .at for Austria. Also available are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .eu etc.
A more detailed description of some TLDs below:

.de is the country abbreviation for Germany and mostly used around here. Currently there are more than 12 million .de-domains registered.
The central government department for .de-domains is the DENIC eG with its principal office in Frankfurt am Main.


.biz is one of the younger international TLDs and stands for "business". This TLD is internationally proven and today ranks among the established top-level-domains.
Because of its high recognition value and the fact that many domain names are already taken at the other international TLDs like .com or .net, many new cus-tomers decide to register a .biz-domain.

Apart from the domains listed there are off course many more TLDs like .info, .name and other country abbreviations ready to be used. More detailed information on request.

.eu is the European TLD and stands for "European Union". Those LTDs are exclusively for persons, enterprises and organizations who have their head office within the union and provide a high degree of familiarity for the European users.
With a .eu-domain you can avoid registering domains for different countries and show that you operate internationally.

.com, .org, .net
Those are the three big international top-level-domains which are widely spread. .com stands for "commercial" and is usually used for commercial offers.
The TLD .net is used very often nowadays when the desired name is no longer available with .com. The ending .org stands for "organization" and was initially intended for nonprofit organizations, institutions or the like. Today also private individuals and enterprises can register .org-domains.

No abdication of Umlauts

You don't have to leave out Umlauts like Ä, Ö and Ü in your domain name any-more. This means that you can use "Müller" in a .de-domain without having to write "Mueller". Also special characters like é or å are possible.)

You want to register your requested domain? We are happy to check the availability for you and activate the domain you desire.

Change of Provider
Changing a provider can be very easy, uncomplicated and quick for you. We take care of that.

Website Configuration
Do you need professional support for configuring your website? Then we like to help you. We put forward our know-how and experience in that area to professionally configure your website according to your personal liking and requirements.

All time support
In order to ensure that your website is operating well at all times and in order to care for a customer-oriented internet presence we offer you the comforts of ongoing support.

With that you have full service available from registering over implementing your website to ongoing support.

If you have further questions then please contact us and you will receive competent advice.