At a glance

Advantages of 0700 Numbers

  • easy to remember
  • highly effective advertising
  • strong customer loyalty
  • constant accessibility
  • high flexibility
  • canceled at any time
  • only 14 Ct/min. for callers

Advantages of a good domain

  • easy to remember
  • highly effective advertising
  • strong customer loyalty
  • constant accessibility
  • high flexibility
  • canceled at any time

Advantages OMR CRM eApp

  • fast induction
  • easy to use
  • everywhere available via Internet
  • increase of contact rate
  • creating transparency
  • sustainable cost reduction
  • gaining time
  • ROI < 12 months
i-Tec - Description of way
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0700 Services

Call diversion - Available 24/7
You decide by which termination you are available at the moment. We pass on your calls to any telephone connection you desire - no matter if landline network, cell phone or fax.
Profile examples:

  • all calls coming in from 9am to 6pm are forwarded to your office
  • all calls coming in from 5pm to 7pm are forwarded to your cell phone
  • from 5.30pm every caller can reach you at your home office by landline
  • from 8.15pm every caller can leave a message on your 0700 mailbox
  • from 8.15am to 10.30pm you are available on your cell phone, from 11am to 4pm in your office and from 4.45pm again on your cell phone or at home

Calling number chain - Every call reaches you, guaranteed
You can set up a calling number chain. That chain consists of several phone numbers to which incoming calls are forwarded one after the other until you take the call.
The caller for instance catches you at the company, your first termination, after four rings of your ringtone. With the fifth to ninth ring he catches you using your second number on your cell phone and all rings from ten up are forwarded to your third number, which could be your home office our your mailbox.

Parallel calls - Simultaneous ringing of several phones
With the parallel call function you can set up several phones ringing at the same time (within the calling number chain). The person/phone answering the call first is connected to the call.
If desired, a search computer saves the last number by which you were called. That number is then called with the next search.
That way several parallel-call groups can be used simultaneously within one routing plan, for example group A at noon and group B in the afternoon. Alternatively different parallel-call groups may be called sequently within the same routing plan.

Direct Dialing Function - Save time using Direct Dialing
You have the option to extend your number with up to five direct dialing numbers ( 1 up to 5 additional digits max.) in order to specifically connect calls to a certain contact or product hotline.
For every direct dialing call you can set the same preferences that guide your service number.

Direct Dialing with a Routing Plan - Every direct dialing procedure with individual settings
You can work with an individual routing plan for every direct dialing respectively (with individual target numbers, messages, times of accessibleness etc.). Basically all options that work for the main service number are available here as well.
The caller simply dials the service number together with the known direct dialing and is - according to the presets - immediately connected to a colleague of your choice. The "short" service number obviously can still be used.

Configuration  - You request it, we set it up
All the functions named, like routing and direct dialing are either newly set up, changed or deactivated for you if requested. In addition all data can be evaluated according to direct dialing within the statistic functions.

Blocking function - No undesired calls any more
If required, you can specify certain numbers of callers (Blocklist/ Blacklist) whose calls you do not want to take. In that case we only block those numbers (the caller only hears a general information message or a busy tone) and all the others come through.

Network messages - Standardized or customer-individual
You can either choose general, preset messages for your customers, which they will hear at the beginning of a call, when call switching or in the wait loop. Or you can integrate individual and company specific messages to add a personal touch to calls with your company. We offer a variety of preset standard messages which can be integrated into a routing plan. Next to general info messages we also provide more neutral welcome messages callers hear before being forwarded to another termination. But also individual messages or sounds for wait loops and company sound logos respectively are possible. If you want to really impress your callers - we also offer messages spoken by unmistakably prominent speakers.

Fax forwarding - Fax switch-point functions for phone and fax
You can receive telefax messages with your phone


number and forward those via email.Voice calls are still processed according to the settings.The fax switch-points allow using your service number for calls as well as for fax messages. When receiving a voice call, the routing plan for voice calls is operating. A fax will immediately be sent on via email (e.g. as.pdf file).
Those settings are more suitable for rarely used service numbers or specific hotline applications. For commercial use we suggest a separate service number for fax messages and the direct dialing extension respectively.

Mailbox and Phone office - Standardized and for customers individually
The mailbox, made available within the network allows callers to have their voice messages recorded. New messages are immediately sent via email. Compared to a local answerphone the network based voice mailbox has the advantage to be able to accept different connections simultaneously. For additional value we offer to have our phone office take your calls personally.

Wait loops - Into next round if you can't get a hold of someone
Optionally you can connect your call number chain to the wait loop. In case the call is not taken at the last set termination it goes through the chain again until the call is successfully taken. The acoustic implementation of a wait loop mostly runs according to the following schema:

•    Individual welcome message playback
•    Start of switching together with customer specific
      waiting music
•    Switching to the destined termination
•    Switching to a different destination etc.
•    possible playback of a finishing message

Cost advantages - Through technical synergy effects
By relocating the wait loop function into the telephone network, enterprises are often able to lower costs because additional purchases for the local infrastructure are now redundant. Together with the costs for buying the hard- and software needed also running costs for additional exchange lines and system updates for a local wait loop can be saved.

Statistics - Analyzing your telephone amounts
You would like to know if your number is easy to access and how often it is used by your customers? We are happy to generate qualitative and quantitative statistics with corresponding identification numbers for you.

Routing function - Choice of function according to parameter settings
The functions can as well be switched load-dependently, time-dependently and source-dependently.

Security surveillance - A glance at your availability 24/7
In order to guarantee the adherence of your requirements to be available to your customers continuously we offer you an all times security surveillance. This means, that the power supply operation is overseen 24/7 according to fixed parameters so that help can be provided efficiently and quickly in case of faults or overload.
We watch the parameters individually set by the client around the clock if requested. That way overloaded, jammed or not reachable numbers for instance can be recognized immediately. Furthermore specific time periods (e.g. 15 min. each) can be checked on accordance to certain availability values.
In case of a deviation from the parameters preset the customer is informed directly via email, phone or text message.

Technical Support - We help with words and deeds
You have questions concerning our products? You wish to gear up the settings according to your own requirements and liking? Then simply contact our cus-tomer service and you get competent help and advice.

Full service - The new antechamber for your enterprise
We discreetly take your calls on behalf of your company and deal with them according to your guidelines and demands.

  • The best availability for your enterprise
  • Reducing your workload at the office and on
    the go
  • Lightening your technical infrastructure
  • Comfort through practical add-on services
  • We personally take care of your callers
  • Convenient integration into your workflows